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Spainsh Exotic Sausages

Chorizo & Salchichon

Horreo is a plant that manufactures Choizo sausages in a fire-free, smoky and healthy way. Chorizo is the most iconic sausage in Spain, and its rich aroma comes from red pepper powder combined with the smoky aroma, leaving the cheek fragrant. Traditionally, smoky aromas are produced by burning wood with fire, but soot particles stay on smoky foods and may have adverse effects on the health of the body.
In view of this, this factory bought a machine, using the principle of wood and wood friction to produce smoke, at the same time with the sprinkler system to make the high temperature drop, through a pipe to send smoke to a secret room, the Chorizo sausage baked about 20 hours can be, so not only to achieve the best flavor, but also the most healthy!
Healthy smoky function-the food is generally smoked with a carbon stove, but the Horreo is used to rub the rubber to each other, causing a smoky effect, which avoids the release of benzene and pyrene Benzopyrenes (hydrocarbons) related to such carcinogens.

  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • Additives free