Ham (From Iberico Pig of Spain)

Iberico Pork has earned a reputation as the “Wagyu of Pork” by Top Michelin Star restaurants in the World . It also contains a perfect profile of unsaturated fatty acids.

*Its traditional breed that native to the Iberian Peninsula . Its symbols are long legs , strong snout , dark skin and hoofs .

* Iberico is also named as happy pig , roam freely on the highland and fed by sweet acorns , herbs and grasses . Around 7% of the best iberico is selected to be fed by bellota ( acorns ) annually .

* Iberico Pork contains a high content of oleic acids (monounsaturated fatty acids.) Oleic acids have been proven to lower “bad cholesterol” and raise “good cholesterol” in the blood. In fact, Iberico pork fat contains more than 55% oleic acid and even sum up to 65% for bellota grade —only olive oil has a higher concentration !

* Ultimate moistness and tenderness with the highest marbling . Exceptional in texture and flavor .

Iberico Pigs’ Farmland :